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Located at 70 Main Street, Howick

Opens every month on the first Saturday of the month, 9am-11am

Store Manager is Ray Gumbo

Monthly Average Shopper Count: 60

For queries phone (033) 330 3456


Welcome the to the Love Howick Street Store! There are so many great efforts to clothe and feed the poor across our communities but the Street Store concept is a little different in that it aims to give our ‘shoppers’ the opportunity to feel what it is like to choose their own clothes, try things on for size and select goods that match their personal preferences & style. Our heart is to restore dignity to people as they shop in our store and create a space where the poor can experience lavish generosity. Our aim to help each person to meet their basic clothing/food needs, while at the same time inspiring them to believe in a bigger dream for their life. We hope that you can partner with us in changing lives, restoring dignity and


The Street Store exists for those that earn a monthly salary of less than R1800 per month. Shoppers are encouraged to purchase a MAXIMUM OF 5 ITEMS in exchange for a DONATION of any amount. All donations will be used to further the objectives of the Street Store. A MAXIMUM OF 5 SHOPPERS are allowed in the Street Store at a time. This is to prevent congestion. There will be a waiting area outside the Street Store for shoppers to gather as they wait. Special preference will be given to the elderly and disabled. The Street Store will be open from 9am – 11am on the first Saturday of every month. The Store will close before this time if stock has run out. If you have an urgent need for food/clothing and would like to make a request for assistance from our Street Store, please email us on or phone (033) 330 3456.


Make a donation of good quality, second-hand clothing. We accept donations of adult, child, infant clothing, along with blankets during winter months. Please drop these off between 8am-1pm at our collection point: Oasis Church Reception, 70 Main Street Howick. Make a donation of non-perishable food items. Assist us by making a monthly donation of R250 for a food hamper that will feed a household for one week. You can sign a debit order or make an EFT payment. Please contact to set this up.

Join us as a volunteer Store Assistant on the first Saturday of every month. Meet at 08:30am at 70 Main Street Howick to join the dream team.

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ (John 3:16)



The purpose of the LOVE HOWICK short movie clip is two-fold:

- It has an inwards motivation: to inspire the residents of Howick to dream BIG dreams for this town.

- It has an outward “show case” motivation: to motivate outside people to invest in Howick, move to Howick and visit Howick as part of its tourism attraction.


We aim to source a professional film crew from our local Love Howick community to film various parts of Howick that make it unique: people from the different areas of Howick (Mphomphomeni, Ambers, Schools, General Public); places that are unique to Howick (Howick falls (Aerial footage), Midmar (Aerial footage), Karkloof canopy (Zip line), Umgeni Valley (Aerial footage), Midlands Meander).

The general theme is around a slogan “Howick – where dreams come alive!”.


The project is open to all that are creatively minded in the area of Photography and Videography from the Love Howick community. Those wanting to sponsor the video can do so at their will. If you would like to assist please contact us.

Estimate of costs involved: R50 000.00


Community members who have experienced the death of a family member or friend are invited to register for the GriefShare program to be hosted by LOVE HOWICK. GriefShare is a weekly video seminar featuring some of the world’s foremost experts on grief recovery topics as well as real-life stories of people who have successfully walked through the process of grieving. Each DVD seminar is combined with a small group discussion time to allow group participants to talk about the content of the seminar and about how they are dealing with the death of their loved one. Seminar sessions include “Is This Normal?” “The Challenges of Grief,” “Grief and Your Relationships,” “Why?” and “Guilt and Anger.”

Many grieving people find they are only beginning the work of healing when friends or family have returned to their daily life routines, and so a support group like this is vital for healing. Past participants have related how helpful the information and follow-up discussions were to them, no matter how recent their bereavement experience has been. You will find encouragement, comfort, and help in grieving the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, other family member, or friend. No matter what the cause of your loved one’s death, this is an opportunity to be around people who understand what you are feeling. You will learn how to recognize the symptoms of being stuck in grief and that you do not need to live in bondage as a slave to certain emotions. This programme will give you valuable information about facing your new normal in life and renewing your hope for the future.


There will be a small donation of R200 per person to help cover the cost of the GriefShare book used by each participant throughout the programme. Scholarships are available for those who are unable to afford this – please indicate this when booking. If you would like to sponsor someone to be involved in this program please contact us at the LOVE HOWICK offices on (033) 330 3456.

Our goal is not to get you to come to a particular church, to contribute money, or to sell you anything. We understand how deeply grief and loss hurt people and families, and we simply want you to get the necessary input you need for healing. The GriefShare seminar and support groups have become an internationally recognized platform to help people begin putting their lives back together again after experiencing the death of a loved one. Let this be your opportunity to turn your mourning into joy and take steps to move beyond the pain of losing a loved one. Sign up today – everybody’s welcome!


The Renoverge Project is a coordinated approach to restoring beauty to the CBD, exits/entrances to Howick and Main Road areas.  Our vision is to simply ‘make Howick beautiful again’, attracting potential investors and a much-needed boost to our local economy; while at the same time giving residents a community to be proud of. A coordinated effort between all sectors is needed to achieve this in a sustainable way, and so your involvement is needed in the following areas:


Businesses & community groups are encouraged to take ownership over a demarcated area identified in the ‘Renoverge Zone’. This will require them to ensure that this zone is kept clean, free from litter & weeds, Love Howick litter bins are purchased and serviced, that all paving is restored to working order, street lights are kept working and general maintenance is undertaken. Opportunities for landscaping garden areas are also encouraged.


Donations towards the LOVE HOWICK signs planned for the exits/entrances of Howick.


Be a part of sponsoring a bin or assisting with manufacturing & installing bins along pedestrian routes within the Howick CBD and Main Road areas.



The Church became increasingly aware of a need among the elderly in Howick and that is why we consulted with similar projects in order to create a space unique to the needs of Howick.

Our vision with this house is to create a space where elderly persons, who are reliant on a government pension, can live at a low cost and also gain a new sense of worth within a community. The aim is to create community and not mere charity.

The home is focused on a specific group of persons in need -  A senior citizen who does not have a strong familial or other support network and relies on a state pension or other limited income.

The house is primarily for elderly ladies.

Our residents are independent in the sense that they can take care of their daily needs in and around the house this includes cooking, laundry and self-care. They do not need any medical assistance on a daily basis. Specialised Medical and/or care services are not part of this program.


The main aim is to empower the residents. This can be in the form of Bible studies, arts and crafts workshops, involving them in church activities e.g. Fete, conferences (for catering) etc. One of our residents is involved at the NG Church and she is very active in church activities. The church members are also involved in her daily life, they support her by taking her to town and making sure she has the means to attend different church events.

The church is also in the process of building a network of partners - with Hospice, Helping Hands and other homes (e.g. NCVV, Jan Richter in Pietermaritzburg) and frail care facilities where residents who need extra care at a later stage, can be placed.

Financially we need support from the individual churches and the public to cover the monthly living costs of our residents.

Volunteers who would like to help out in and around the house, take the residents for shopping or just spend some time with them at the house, are always welcome.


Ds. Willie van Zyl : 083 306 8448

Marieta van Schalkwyk : 073 493 6381


There is a growing body of research showing a connection between human health and wellbeing and the design and structure of towns, cities and regions. This research suggest that designated ‘green spaces’ within urban settings provide a number of benefits, namely: health benefits associated with access to public open space and parks. Access to vegetated areas such as parks, open spaces, and playgrounds has been associated with better perceived general health, reduced stress levels, reduced depression and more. Recreation and community building. Having safe spaces for recreational activities, exercise and play are essential for promoting health within the community. Parks also provide an ideal setting for interacting with neighbours, developing family relationships and making new friends – all contributing towards a happier town. Environmental benefits.  A network of parks and open spaces that include protected natural lands, ecological reserves, wetlands, and other green areas is critical to providing healthy habitats for humans, wildlife and plants in urban settings. Natural landscapes are vital to preserving regional ecosystems amid growing towns.

To maximize these benefits, we would like to establish various parks in the Howick area that meet the needs of the immediate community. If you would like to assist in the funding, planning and development of these parks please contact the Love Howick office using details provided.



A safe and beautiful Howick Falls area, having the wonderful potential to becoming a destination/ place of choice for tourists, visitors and local families, friends and individuals.

This is possible through voluntary participation in exciting and innovative projects between individual members of the community, the business sector, government, private security industry, churches, schools, media, non-profit organisations, community based organisations, and specific interest groups, etc. 

A huge, positive difference can be made through 60 minutes or more of volunteerism, materials and supplies and/ or monetary donations (once off or monthly). Since November 2016, a number of action steps have already been taken to improve the area. Opportunities abound for further improvements. 

The partnership projects identified are considered support to the uMngeni Municipality and South African Police Service, and not intended to replace or take over any service related function.


Boom: For placement at the vehicle entrance to the grass area of Goddard Park to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering and driving on the grass of the park. This is to ensure the safety of pedestrians: Donate or sponsor

Car-guards/ Vehicle parking attendants: A registration and monitoring system. Consideration can also be given for him/ her to be 'adopted', thereby helping to transform their life

Crime Safety ambassador: Serve as one

Green teams: Helping to improve the environment through landscaping, gardening, picking up litter, other identified action steps

Identification clothing for car-guards/ vehicle parking attendants, street patrollers, etc (specially designed): Donate or sponsor

Litter-bins: Donate or sponsor a litter-bin

Love Howick t-shirts for use by volunteers: Donate or sponsor

Magnetic stickers for vehicles used for street patrol, support: Donate or sponsor

Painting team for infrastructure upgrades

Pamplets/ brochures: Welcome tourists and residents to Howick Falls and publish requested behavior to ensure safety, order and beauty prevails. Donate or sponsor 

Pamplet/ brochure distribution to visitors. Volunteers needed.

Patrols: Daytime, Monday to Sunday (walking, bicycle, motor cycle, vehicle, etc) to monitor, make observations, report unlawful, suspicious, dodgy behavior by persons and recommend solutions to minimise such behavior

Portable flashing amber lights for temporary use on patrol support vehicles: Donate or sponsor

Red flags: For use in conjunction with traffic cones - to warn approaching drivers of vehicles to exercise caution: Donate or sponsor 

Renovate a verge/ 'adopt-a-spot'

Road safety: Identify and mimize risks

Rock: Supply and delivery of large rocks for placement between cement bollards of Goddard Park. This is to prevent vehicles from entering and driving on the grass of the park, thereby ensuring the safety of pedestrians

Shelters of crafters/ artists at the view-site: Renovation

Signage and display boards: Donate or sponsor

Toilets: Pay system and Renovation of existing building, namely roof

Tourism Safety Action Group (TSAG): Howick Falls precinct. A sub-forum of the Howick Community Police Forum (ongoing): Participation

Traffic cones:  x 20, 750 mm height (10 x fluorescent, dayglo orange cones and x 10 fluorescent, lime-yellow cones, all with white reflective strips): To safeguard and cordon off areas when the need arises: Donate or sponsor

Other dynamic project proposals



Faced with the extent of the poverty and unemployment in the greater Howick area, the NPO ‘Love Howick’ has added to its list of projects an innovative education and training centre to empower the unemployed in the greater KZN Midlands region.

The founder of The Dream Centre, Matt Hogarty, said they were following the successful Siya Sebenza , Work for a Living training programme and planned to add a local dimension that would be strongly focused on internships and mentoring. Siya Sebenza (we are working) is a skills development and entrepreneurial training programme which has met with success in other parts of the province and the country.

Matt said one of the churches had reported that up to 90 people a day were approaching them, desperate for a proper meal.

“The Dream Centre is our bid to do something that will help treat the root of the poverty problem,” he said.

Fifteen people have been selected for the pilot phase of the programme which will start in June and the official launch will be next month. Thereafter it will be open to applications the Love Howick website ( or in person at the Love Howick Dream Centre, 17 Bell Street, Howick. The prerequisites are that applicants must have finished school and be unemployed.

There are three phases to The Dream Centre training.

The first phase aims to create a paradigm shift - to alter the way the trainees see themselves and employment opportunities; eradicate the notion that the government must be relied on to provide jobs; provide personal empowerment; and refine the individual’s job search.

This is a 13-day programme and there is a cost of R100.

Phase 2 is a job skills programme that defines what entry-level job opportunities there are and which would be suitable for the individual, such as: merchandising; office or reception work; work as baristas or waiters; computer literacy; and entrepreneurship. Those taking part will get training in the afternoon in specific skills.

In the third phase The Dream Project co-ordinators will place the trainees who have undertaken the first two phases with local businesses which will provide internships and specific on-the-job training.

“This is the part of the programme where The Dream Centre will be a bit different from other Siya Sebenza clinics,” said Matt. “There will be a strong mentorship aspect as we are very keen to create lasting job prospects with valuable experience.”

Those participating in training will also be given a proper lunch prepared at the premises.

The centre is located at the old Afton restaurant premises, 17 Bell Street in Howick.

It will be run by the Chief Trainer, Ray Gumbo, who has already undertaken a specialist course for this purpose, and is passionate about reaching our community.

While a number of local businesses have got involved and helped get the project off the ground, The Dream Centre still requires assistance with:

Computer equipment;

Café type tables for work areas;


Office furniture;

Kitchen equipment

If you want to get involved or can help with any of these needs please contact Matt on the email:

The community transformation initiative Love Howick, aims to establish partenrships between different sectors of our community (churches, business, government, schools, media) in a bid to provide a co-hesive approach to tackling problem areas in the town. As their visions statement suggests, they aim to bring people ‘together for transformation’ as they reach out to provide assistance to fellow community members.

Other Love Howick projects:

Renoverge (town beautification project);

Oakleigh House (an assisted living programme for the vulnerable elderly)

City Parks Project (establishing green spaces in our town)

Howick Falls Precinct Rejuvenation;

Grief Share Programme (provides assistance to cope with the grieving process);

Street Store (first Saturday of the month, 9am-11am; located at 17 Bell Street, Howick);

Promotional film clip to promote Howick;

More about Siya Sebenza:

Love Howick info on the web:

Love Howick on Facebook:


72 Main Street
Howick, 3290


Phone: (O33) 330 3456